Ride to end Human Trafficking 7.27.19


Ride to end Human Trafficking 7.27.19

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I’m a proud graduate of Gateway Technical College, and am currently attending classes at George Williams College in the field of Social Work with my focus in advocacy/mediation. In one of my classes, I had to come up with a violence campaign idea. It just happened to be that this class had two guest speakers from Walworth County speak to us about human trafficking. I was getting upset with the information that was being said, so I thought of an idea of how community members, and different communities would work together to help solve the problem of human trafficking. The more I thought  about it, the more I thought this would work. 

We need to raise more awareness of this problem so more community members will work together, and we need to be front and center to show that we’re not going to continue to let this happen. We need to help save the women and children that are being trafficked, so please consider joining us in this ride, or joining us at the Whiskey Ranch around 3:00 pm on July 27th. Thank you! 

Lynn Talarek



Human Trafficking: The Cause


Here are some disturbing facts that I have learned about trafficking so far:

  • Native Americans are also affected from human trafficking
  • Milwaukee is the sex mecca in the nation for human trafficking
  • Predators are technically savvy – they use media sites for their victims such as MineCraft, Kik Messenger (even post suicide challenge) and Snapchat 
  • 40% of victims are brought in by people that they know
  • Targeted ages for children are 9 to 15 – youngest case was less than 18 months old
  • Predators turn fear into power – they threaten their victims by telling these victims that they will kill their family if they leave

Please monitor your children’s social media sites! Don’t let them become a victim of trafficking! 

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We understand that not everyone can make it out to the ride, but we would still love to have you!

Come and join us at the Whisky Ranch (our final destination) to learn more and contribute to the cause! Bring your family, friends and neighbors! Good food, good drinks, and a great cause!

Can't make it to either but still want to contribute? Head over to the registration page, there is a donation option with a custom amount!

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